Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Superhero Goodies

Whether you're a dedicated DC junky, mad for Marvel, or delve into both worlds, we recommend these titles:

The DC Comics Encyclopedia:If you're new to the DC Universe, check out this dandy. This one-volume encyclopedia has more than 1,000 characters created by DC Comics. It features some of DC's most creative artists and heroes and villains from the world famous to lesser known one-offs.

The Marvel Encyclopedia:Marvel Newbie? This exciting book gives you insight into heroes including Spider-Man, the Hulk, and the X-Men. Stan Lee offers narrative text along with other Marvel comic book experts.

Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: Make sure to check out Ms. Marvel, the groundbreaking heroine that has become an instant hit! As Kamala discovers the dangers of her newfound powers, she unlocks a secret behind them as well. Is this new Ms. Marvel ready to wield these immense new gifts?

Gotham Academy Vol. 1: (Coming soon to your library): Gotham Academy is a boarding school adventure series set in the heart of Gotham City. Here you'll meet some of your young Batman favorites, like the infamous Bruce Wayne. Great for teens and adults.

The New Classics:

These comics are fairly new to the world, but have already earned a place in our hearts and have become a new obsession:

The Saga Series: Currently, there are four volumes to this comic masterpiece. In 2013 it won the Hugo award for Best Graphic Story and is constantly being nominated for many more awards based on the story or it's visually-stunning artwork. The story is about two soldiers in a never-ending intergalactic war that fall in love and have to risk their lives to bring their new child into the world. Saga is the sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the universe.

The Wicked + The Divine: Every ninety years, twelve gods from various traditions (think Lucifer, Zeus) are reincarnated as teenagers. They become immensely loved and adored. In 2 years, they die. So what do you do when you have omnipotence and have 2 years to live? You become rockstars!

Lumberjanes Vol. 1: This comic is the new buzz around the 'net. Amazon.com puts it best: "Five best friends spending the summer at Lumberjane scout camp...defeating yetis, three-eyed wolves, and giant falcons...what's not to love?! Friendship to the max! Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley are five best pals determined to have an awesome summer together...and they're not gonna let any insane quest or an array of supernatural critters get in their way!" This is the perfect book for you or your teens. 

The Manga Lover:

For those of you that enjoy the Japanese-style method of story-telling, check these two action-packed series:

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 1-Phantom Blood, Vol. 1 (Coming soon to your library): From the hugely-popular Shonen Jump series, this groundbreaking manga is now available in English with color pages and amazing cover art. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is known for it's outlandish characters, crazy humor and epic battles.

Knights of Sidonia Series: This is mature anime science fiction at its finest. A lone seed ship, the Sidonia, blindly travels the universe, ten centuries since the annihilation of the solar system. Quoted from Amazon.com: "The massive, nearly indestructible, yet barely sentient alien life forms
that destroyed humanity’s home world continue to pose an existential threat."

Posted on behalf of KPL staff member, Angela.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Liar and Spy

Liar and Spy by Rebecca Stead is a laugh-out-loud novel about 7th grader Georges (silent s), who just moved into a new apartment.  He meets a 12 year old boy named Safer who is quite quirky.  He drinks coffee and is a "self appointed spy".  Safer sends Georges on a spy mission to find out and track Mr. X, who lives in the apartment upstairs.  Georges is sent on all sorts of crazy tasks, but little does he know, Safer has a secret.

Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead

If you want to have a good laugh or read a page-turner, this book is for you!

Submitted by a Teen Volunteer

First Light

First Light by Rebecca Stead is a novel that makes you think.  And I don't just mean think, I mean think hard.

First Light by Rebecca Stead

Here is the big theme/motto of the book: "Two kids.  Two worlds.  One secret."

Peter is a boy with a father who studies global warming.  He and his family get the chance to go on an expedition to Greenland (icy, not green).

Thea and her people have retreated to a secret world built deep inside the Arctic ice.  She has never even seen the sun!

Thea dreams of going out of the city and above, and Peter finds clues that bring him closer and closer to Thea and her home.

Submitted by a Teen Volunteer

When You Reach Me

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead can be described in many words- happy, sad, surprising, etc.  Rebecca Stead is not a well-known author, but she should be.  Her books (I have read all of them) are so thought out and... well, this is cheesy, but they are deep.  
Look at that shiny Newbery Award!

Miranda and Sal are friends.  Well, they used to be, that is, due to the fact that Sal has completely shut Miranda out of his life.  Weird things start to happen to Miranda, such as the fact that little notes start coming to her from a person who probably shouldn't know as much as they do.  These notes start to make Miranda believe that only she can prevent a catastrophic death--- and that she could possibly be too late.

Submitted by a Teen Volunteer


I'm sure you have all heard of it: Divergent by Veronica Roth

I have to admit, Divergent was definitely not my favorite.  It has a plot that numerous sci-fi/fantasy have now, with things hidden, a dystopia, etc.  The book never really caught my attention or surprised me.  If you like books that apply to the the previous description, this book is right up your alley!  The movie came out recently, too, and I have yet to see it.

Submitted by a Teen Volunteer